Spending holiday break indoors, COVID-style? Why not binge-watch college-themed movies?

As both a college planning professional and mom of a teen, Paige has the inside scoop. Always.

By Paige Chapman-Layland

Winter break and movie watching seem to go hand-in-hand.  While you could cue up Elf for the 3rd time this week, or watch all of the Harry Potter movies…again…why not check out these fine films to get a sense of what college life is “really” like?

We know this is no substitute for a campus tour, but perhaps a glimpse of what your future holds.*

Paige’s recommendations:


Back to School

Damsels in Distress


Horse Feathers

Legally Blonde

Life of the Party

Mona Lisa Smile

Monsters U


Pitch Perfect

Real Genius


Starter for 10

Sydney White

The House Bunny

The Social Network

The Waterboy

There were several other contenders, but these were the PG-13 and below options.

Got a favorite we didn’t mention?  Please share in the comments.

Happy watching!

*Disclaimer—campus life as represented on film is unlikely to resemble your particular college experience.  Proceed with humor.

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