Class’22, application season starts…now!

It’s the most important essay of your high schooler’s life–the college essay… and it can make or break your teen’s college applications.

No pressure or anything. Right?

That’s what we thought. This time is really stressful for your teen. They’re working so hard on their GPA…and they’re putting together an excellent list of activities and experiences. In previous years, the essay was just one small part of the larger college application. But now? It remains uncertain whether or not schools will remain test-optional for the Class of ‘22. If current trends prevail, the college essay will continue to be a far more important component of your teen’s application than ever before.

Don’t let them throw something together the day before it’s due. This essay is so important, let’s take the time to put together a personal narrative that really showcases just how great your teen is.

Let’s get this done… write (editor pun). Attend our Spring Break virtual College Essay Camp to get that essay written–and written impeccably. In 4 short days, your teen will go from a blank page to a polished 2nd draft, well on its way to impressing admissions officers.

During workshops, daily one-on-one support, and peer collaboration, your teen will develop a memorable personal narrative that is introspective, with a unique voice.

And not only will the college essay be awesome–the writer will be awesome too! The tips and tactics our team of experts offers will help your teen become a better writer overall–and take their writing to the collegiate level.

Our team of writing experts has read and edited thousands of essays and is eager to share their knowledge. They know what colleges are looking for. Don’t let your teen miss the essay-writing tips they need to get noticed by colleges!

I know, I know–Spring Break is supposed to be time off…BUT, if you aren’t going anywhere, let’s knock this out now. Once summer arrives, your teen will be free to enjoy the sun without this task hanging over them. Once summer arrives, you’ll be free not to worry about when this is going to get done.
We offer three virtual Spring Break camps this season, each with limited capacity.

Enroll your Class ‘22 teen, today!

Camp 1: March 15-18th
Camp 2: March 29th-April 1st
Camp 3: April 5th-April 8th

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