Your college plan depends on so much more than luck!

To kick off this week of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about luck. Is luck a factor in college admissions? NO WAY! Year after year, here at IN, we see great success, no luck needed, for our clients who do great work. In fact, you could say that the college planning we do at IN is all about removing the ‘luck’ factor from the equation.

By doing extensive career planning prior to creating a school list, our clients choose schools that are right for them. The job placement rates are high, freshman retention rates are high, and a high percentage of students complete their degree within four years. When our clients apply to a targeted list of best-fit schools, they can speak confidently about what they are looking for in their education. Combined with a competitive GPA (and sometimes, test scores) as well as truly personalized letters of recommendation and a stellar personal essay, the ‘luck’ factor on the college side disappears as well. The school in question doesn’t need to worry about how to retain this student. Instead, it’s clear that this applicant is prepared for the rigor of the work to come, and is eager to get to it!

At IN College Planning, we’re the lucky ones. Every day, we meet with the greatest kids who are putting together really exciting future plans. It’s fun to watch it all come together. And, this time each year? It truly is the gold at the end of the rainbow as we watch acceptance after acceptance after scholarship roll in.

You work so hard to be a strong candidate–don’t leave the rest up to luck! Class’22, lucky you! There’s still plenty of time to plan your successful path!

If you’d like some help searching for the pot of acceptances and scholarships at the end of the rainbow, let us know–we’d be happy to help!

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