Junior Night

When I applied to college a millennium ago, it was impressive that I had 3 (woo, a big 3!) schools on my list the summer before senior year. I got some advice from teachers and my beloved guidance counselor the following fall so that by the time January arrived, my list had grown to 7 schools.

Far ahead of the game, I labored during the winter break of senior year and typed most of my applications. And, at the very last minute (I really think it was January, but maybe December), I took the SAT subject tests, suggested but not required, at Georgetown.

At the very, very, last-minute, I opted to apply to an 8th school. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, late into the night, attempting to muffle the noise of my typewriter, as I hurriedly cobbled together answers to questions that required more forethought than I was giving to them…all in an attempt to meet the next day’s mail-by deadline.

After sending thick packets of info to colleges (with sealed transcripts from my high school nestled inside), I sat back and waited for mid-April acceptances. That was it, my ‘busy’ application season.

Those of a certain vintage probably remember a similar college application experience. And that’s why IN, The College Planning Experts, plans a Junior Night each year.

The application season, both its kick off and duration, are SO different than what you experienced as a high schooler. There is so much more to do. Aside from the considerable research needed to select a career path, by 2nd semester junior year, it’s go time!

IN wants each member of the family to be ready for the rigor of the application process. From understanding what’s required, to being clear about the ideal time line, our clients begin work in the spring so that they have everything accomplished in time for the early action deadlines in October/November of senior year.

During Junior Night, we cover the 5 components of the application, and discuss a plan for optimizing each. From attending essay camp in spring or summer, to preparing a common application-worthy resume, to employing our process for securing highly personalized letters of recommendation, we share the hows/whens/whys during Junior Night to take the guesswork and mystery out of the process.

While the Class of ‘22 won’t be home free at the start of senior year, most of the hard work will be done. The time between the start of school and mid-October can be spent on supplemental essays, and…senior year! There’s a lot to do in that final fall semester, both academic and extracurricular. Doing the heavy lifting months before allows time for both.

If you think your teen could benefit from this support, get in touch. If your school is interested in a Junior Night with IN, we can help with that too. We’ve shared Junior Night with a number of high schools.

When I arrived at my residence hall to start my freshman year of college, we were given a list of dorm rules from the year most of us in the class were born. All of the normal rules about courtesy were there, and my dorm, women-only the year I was born, offered a maddening number of rules related to gentleman callers, but the rules I remember most were the ones that seemed most archaic.

“No ukulele playing after 10pm.”
“Only one hot pot per room.”
“Fudge-making may be conducted in the hall kitchens, only.”

We laughed at the ridiculousness of all of this…secure in the knowledge that we were laden with microwaves, but not so many ukuleles.

If your teen saw the rules for your residence hall, would they be similarly amused? Times have changed. The application process, just like residence hall life, has changed as well. If your most recent college experience happened in the 20th century, you could probably use a refresher. Let us take the guesswork out of applying to college…we’re happy to help.

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