Class ’21: researched and ready for what comes next

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of introducing you to some of IN’s clients who are well on their way to their chosen careers. Today, meet some of IN’s Class of ’21.

This current crop of seniors is…AMAZING! Bright, funny, accomplished, and driven, Class ‘21 is ready to make a real difference in this world (and, let’s face it, take part in it again). 2021 has required incredible grace in the face of much uncertainty; this class more than any other deserves (the entirely made up) award for ‘Greatest Flexibility and Ability to Pivot.’

With so much up in the air this year, it wouldn’t surprise you to know that many teens are changing plans/discarding plans/opting for a gap year at the last minute, but, that’s NOT happening with our clients.

Allow me to introduce Molly, Jake, and Ashley, all (soon-to-be) Class ‘21 graduates. Each has an incredibly bright future. Let’s see what they have to say.

When you started with IN College Planning did you know what you wanted to study in college? Is that what you ultimately will go to college to study?

Ashley: I started my junior year with IN and I had in my mind that I wanted to study architecture. However, through the research I did on the major and multiple schools that offered it, I decided to broaden my perspective and look at the specific skills I liked about architecture (the technical yet artistic aspect). It was tough but my advisor helped me see architecture was not ultimately what I wanted to do. I now plan to study data science instead which also incorporates those skills.

Jake: When I started with IN College Planning, I didn’t know what I was going into.

Molly: When I first started with College Liftoff, I didn’t know what I wanted to study in college. However, through the research process and with help from advisors, I have decided to major in International Studies!

How did IN help you figure out your major–what seemed the most useful?

Jake: After working with IN College Planning for a while, I learned about a whole bunch of majors that I didn’t know about and found my current major. I have decided that I am going to go into social work. Specifically the child welfare segment of social work.

Molly: College Liftoff narrowed my interests and hobbies down to one specific field and study and from there we went in depth into specific university programs. My favorite part about the process and what I found most useful was the initial research of majors The research of different programs helped me figure out my likes and dislikes of the majors I was interested in.

Ashley: The amount of resources IN provides is incredible. The entire research process really helped me see the schools that were strong for my original major and then helped me decide to switch after pinpointing the specific skills I enjoyed. The Writing Center also gave me confidence that I was submitting the best pieces to colleges that I could and putting my best foot forward.

Was there an ‘aha!’ moment when all of your research came together?

Molly: I don’t remember a specific ‘aha’ moment when I felt like international studies is my calling. My realization was more gradual as I saw that my interests in both traveling and also learning about other cultures overlapped in many of the majors I was researching.

Ashley: I think when I decided on my new major after the process of originally going into architecture then mechanical engineering then finally data science was my ‘aha’ moment. I realized architecture wasn’t the major for me, but I felt confident in my new choice. After that decision, the schools that I had previously researched that were also strong in my new major area just clicked into place. I had a list of schools that I loved that, even after I switched my major, still offered a terrific education.

Jake: I had a few “aha!” moments when I was looking into my future career. I chose social work based on what I enjoy doing as well as what I am good at. Before working with IN College Planning, I had no idea that there was a major that lined up with what I like to do already!

How has your plan come together?

Jake: Over the course of this year, I figured out my major, applied to several colleges, and got into my favorite ones with the help of IN College Planning. I now have a good plan for my career and I am confident in my future success!

Ashley: I am planning to major in Data Science at either Indiana University, Penn State, or Virginia Tech. With IN’s help, I feel confident that any of these choices would be a home for me (which is partially why I haven’t decided yet – it’s so difficult!). I know at any of these, I will be happy, enjoy what I am doing, and well-prepared for my future endeavors.

Molly: I will be majoring in International Studies at The Ohio State University. College Liftoff has definitely changed my expectations of college and eased the anxiety about choosing a field of study. I had no clue of what I was going to do at college and now I am confident about my career interests and goals! My application and scholarship process was a breeze thanks to the amazing advisors in the Writing Center and their ability to guide me.

Just like our current crop of college students, IN’s Class of ‘21 applied to a terrific set of schools. No matter how strange the acceptance season has been, after thorough research, the Class of ‘21 knew that each school they applied to would be a great fit. Like Ashley mentioned, her difficulty is choosing between schools that are exactly what she’s looking for; your teen can be in the same position next year!

Is your teen also looking for a great fit? Let us help.

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