Career Development–they’ve got this covered!

Meet some of the rising stars of the Class of ‘22. Zoey, Adrianna, Kylie, and Caroline each took time away from their busy essay camp work this week–I am so appreciative.

While we hoped that life would be back to normal long before this group of students graduates high school, nothing is certain. SOME schools remain test-optional, SOME schools require scores once more. In nearly every category related to college admissions, there’s a wide variety in policy. In the meantime, this Class of ‘22 keeps working. They are mostly in the throws of college research, although a few of our clients have a firm plan. To get a sense of what career planning is doing for this terrific class, let’s hear some replies, from A-Z!

When you started with IN College Planning did you know what you wanted to study in college?

Adrianna: Yes, I originally wanted to go into mechanical design engineering but after looking at colleges, I couldn’t find the specific thing I wanted to do.

Caroline: Yes, when I started I was very set on becoming a marine biologist. After further research, I ended up realizing it wasn’t for me.

Kylie: No, I did not know.

Zoey: I knew I was probably going to do something in Fine Arts.

How did IN help you figure out your major–what seemed the most useful?

Caroline: The most useful part was researching the different majors and what kind of jobs you can get with them. It was a lot of work but worth it in the end because it helped me get rid of majors I thought I wanted to pursue.

Kylie: They helped me find ideas for majors I didn’t even know existed and broadened my list of ideas immensely.

Zoey: IN provided me with a lot of majors to pursue that fit my interests. I haven’t picked out a major yet, but I like being given certain majors to choose from and going from there.

Adrianna: Eric identified another type of engineering that I knew a tiny bit about but not much and now that’s what I’m going for.

Was there an ‘aha!’ moment when all of your research came together?

Kylie: I just slowly got closer and closer to the idea I had in my head, and eventually, I saw a major and said “this is perfect for me”.

Zoey: I’m still working on evaluating what I want to do exactly, but IN has helped me narrow it down quite a bit!

Adrianna: If an ‘aha!’ moment is me squealing because of the amount of instruments I would get to use at Dayton, then yes.

What does your plan look like so far?

Zoey: I’m planning to pursue a BFA, but I’m not sure what college I want to attend quite yet.

Adrianna: Well, I want as much as I can get out of University of Dayton but then I desperately want to get my PhD from MIT.

Caroline: I plan on going to University of South Florida, Eckerd, or Grand Valley State to major in finance or global business, which is different from what I initially thought I wanted to study.

Kylie: I have no school decided, but I have decided that my major is going to be in strategic communication.

While school decisions aren’t set, all four of these teens have discovered a career path that fits them best. With help from our advisor core, each one of these students will have a great list of schools to apply to, and each can be confident that any school on the list will be a great fit.

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