First to submit, last to commit!

Old news for the Class of ‘21, but Class ‘22, this is a good reminder. Here at IN College Planning, we work with you so you are able to apply to college in time for the early-action deadline. This signals to the school that you are VERY interested in attending and it gives you access to (typically limited) merit opportunities. Many schools offer merit scholarships that must be turned in with your application by the early action deadline–applying in late October means you don’t miss a trick!

But, what about the ‘last to commit’ part?

Well, as we never tire of telling anyone who will listen:

That’s right…the best possible spot for you is accepted but uncommitted. Schools that have determined you will be a great addition to the incoming class are going to work harder to get you to say… yes. Maybe, they’ll offer priority dorm registration. Perhaps they’ll offer a one-time scholarship. Conceivably, they might offer a last-minute renewable scholarship. So much depends on how quickly the current class is filling up. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to get a little extra. You won’t miss out if you wait until Decision Day–you’ve already been accepted.

What to do in the meantime? Say you know that University X is the best one for you—you are DEFINITELY going to University X. If that is the case, be sure to decline all other offers while you wait to join University X. This helps other schools manage their yield numbers (aka, how many people will actually be joining the freshman class). Then, just wait. Engage with University X, look at dorm options, go to virtual offerings, join discussion groups, buy the hoodie–whatever makes your heart sing! Maybe circle April 28th on your calendar as a day to possibly announce your decision…or maybe wait another few days. Don’t forget to reach out by May 1st (or later, if University X pushes the Decision Day date). If the date does get pushed out, that is a VERY strong indication that University X is NOT meeting its yield.

As we’ve seen, time and time again, good things come to those who wait. Especially if freshmen are guaranteed housing, just…wait. Class ‘21 applicants know this. And now, Class ‘22, you do too.

Have a Class ‘22 (or younger) teen who needs help with the submit/commit part? We‘ve got you covered!

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