Hey, hey, it’s almost May!

It should be no surprise that we’ll spend the month of May (and actually, most of June) celebrating the incredible Class of ‘21.

While we adore each class of teens, this C’21 group has my heart. They have worked SO hard to maintain flexibility and a sense of normalcy as they’ve triumphed this senior year. It’s been such a joy to see all they’ve achieved, despite this challenging application season. Without visiting campuses, our Class of ‘21 has managed to identify majors and careers and find the colleges that will best prepare them for the future, all while capturing an ever-greater share of scholarship dollars to do so. As the Director of Writing Center, it’s been a real privilege to read their terrific common app essays, as well as their supplementals and scholarship writing–each essay provides a peek at the wonderful people you’ve raised.

In addition to celebrating the Class of ‘21 this month, we’ll turn our attention to the NCAA. The dead period will end on June 1 for Division 1 sports. This means that coaches will be able to return to their normal recruiting calendars and activities. What does this mean for your high school athlete? A great deal! Throughout May, we’ll share information relevant to the NCAA recruiting process. Families with Class ‘23 and Class ‘24 athletes should pay particular attention–their time to plan is NOW!

If you are the IN parent of a Class ‘21 teen, please check your email and return the information and photos to us by 4/30 so that we can celebrate your awesome kid!

Got a question about the NCAA? Drop a comment here. Want to chat a little longer? Get in touch–we’d love to help!

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