What students learn from playing college sports

As we wrap up NCAA May, I’d like to share this excellent HuffPost article with you:

11 student-athletes on what they learned while playing in college.

While competition at the college level may offer more (or, in some cases, a whole lot less) than the student-athlete planned for, it seems that each athlete featured had the opportunity to do what they loved (even if they didn’t know that they loved to do it until they got to college!). It was great to read  that most athletes found a home, from IM and club, to Division I athletics.

At IN College Planning, we aren’t here to tell you whether you should be DIV I, NAIA or play club, we just want to help you plan for your college experience, whatever it entails.

We’ve helped scores of student-athletes plan for a successful college experience, from finding a great major, to finding the merit aid to pay for it. Let us do the same for your athlete!

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