September arrives, and IN College Planning is ready for it.

It’s September, and I’m feeling like a blogger again. I imagine it might have a good bit to do with the back-to-school nature of things.

New notebooks and pencils: check
New kicks and (another) black hoodie: check
New topics to discuss on IN, the College Planning Experts? Check again!

Seriously, we’ve ushered out the Class of ‘21. Most of them are packed up, or already installed in new dorms; they’re ready for all that comes next. Just as quickly, we’ve turned our thoughts to the Class of ‘22. This class is in the throws of application season. While most of them have completed their common application essay, they’re now turning their attention to the supplemental essays (SO many supplemental essays) with an eye to the clock. In less than 2 months most of these essays are due.

Although we work hard on pacing, to ensure that we have enough time to complete every element, September sneaks up on us, year after year. We’re typically a little awkward each summer as we officially bid ‘adieu’ to the last class while coming to terms with the class in the wings, but once September arrives?

We’re ready to shepherd class ’22 from application to acceptance.

As the school year rolls on, we’ll talk about all sorts of things related to college, and all that comes next. For now, I’m happy to check in with my old friend, Frank Sinatra:

“Oh, it’s a long, long while

from May to December
But the days grow short
When you reach September.

When the Autumn weather
turns the leaves to flame
One hasn’t got time
for the waiting game.”

As the weather cools, and college football is back, take the time to soak up the last (long) weekend of summer. Homework, and piano practice, and last-minute jaunts to the store for lettuce are on the horizon. Banish these mundanities for a late-summer swim, dinner on the grill, s’mores around a fire.

I’ll be back regularly to share my thoughts about college planning, but for now, I’m going to dispassionately spy my garden full of sparrows as I bake a birthday cake, and prepare for an autumn that will be as busy as any in recent memory.

If you are ready for the weekend, but your teen is ready to discuss college planning, reach out!  IN College Planning is happy to help.

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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