And just like that, November 1 arrives

And just like that, November 1st arrives. Accustomed to a September that feels 8 weeks long, the next thing you know, it’s winter break!

Seriously, today is the looming deadline for a lot of our seniors. While some IN clients have deadlines in December, and even as late as 1/4/22, most of our seniors have a lot of college applications due today.

I know we say this every year, but if there was ever a reason to indulge your senior, today might be the day. Last year’s uncertainty led to delayed applications, and then delayed acceptance answers, but no such luck this year.

As much as we try to move things forward with letters of recommendation, and common application essays, and all.the.supplementals! plenty of kids will put the finishing touches on the last essay, a few minutes before deadline.

It would be difficult to say how proud I am of all the seniors. As a group, they put their heads down, and just like other challenging years, persevered to create an award-winning application. Seriously, many of these students were last in school as sophomores. Returning as seniors, they got it done.

And that’s why, I suggest, a little pampering this week. Grab an ice cream, or some sushi, or even a favorite documentary (ha!) and be prepared to let your student know just how much they mean to you.

Once we get through winter break, it’s mere moments til graduation. Let your kid know how proud you are, how proud you’ll be, of what comes next..

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