When it comes to the college planning process we are confidence creators. One part cheerleader, one part sherpa. Wielding a proven process honed from years of experience, we unlock educated paths forward. Taking all factors into consideration.
Our team comes from diverse backgrounds—from education to non-profits to real estate (to even engineering!). We all flocked here, from our own professional corners, for one common purpose: to help families like yours take back control of the college application process; and help kids actually find their own unique brightest futures.
After all, isn’t that what college is really supposed to be about?
Our college planning advisors are highly trained and have a true passion for helping your teen find their best path and potential. We’ve seen it, and they’ve been hand-picked (through a highly selective process) for that reason. That, and they are communication wizards with the otherworldly ability to relate to your teen while mentoring, guiding, and encouraging them through what would otherwise be a stressful and confusing college search.
This is what an emotional decision looks like when balanced with logic and discipline. We are here for you.

Meet our ALL-IN Team.

Bexley Campus

Richard Albeit

Client Relationship Manager

Alecea Howell

College Planning Advisor

Siân Lewis

College Planning Advisor

Drake Hankins

College Planning Advisor

Powell Campus

Heather Rock

Client Relationship Manager

Reilly Grealis

College Planning Advisor, Marketing Coordinator, and Writing Center Advisor

Samantha Rubinoski

College Planning Advisor

Sarah Cook

College Planning Advisor

Alex Horn

College Planning Advisor

Corporate and Community Team

Juleanna Smith

Lead Advisor and Manager of Advisor Resources

Aaron Greene

Chief Executive Officer

Yoshi Akutsu

Lead Advisor and System Administrator

Alexandra Greene

Chief Strategy Officer

John Krulcik

Chief Financial Officer

Emma Mote

Director of Advisor Core

Paige Chapman-Layland

Director of Research, Collegiate Information & Writing Center

Sara Kapaj

Community Outreach/Lead Advisor